RTM Ortopedia Personalizzata

Customized prostheses by their very nature demand high precision, functionality and durability to withstand everyday use. RTM Ortopedia Personalizzata (RTM), a worldwide leader in customized prostheses, based on Budrio, Italy, used chalk molds to cast lower limb and hand prostheses. With the ethos that every patient has different medical and physical requirements, the company ensures that each individual prosthesis meets the user’s need for comfort, durability and aesthetics.


With FDM 3D printing technology, the company produces prosthesis molds in a matter of hours and has cut its tooling time by 93%.

“By introducing Stratasys 3D printing in-house we can receive a customer scan from anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes and can rapid prototype the mold within a few hours. Since installing the technology, we have cut our prosthetic tool turnaround time by as much as 93%.”

Elio Antenucci, RTM Ortopedia Personalizzata

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