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Last Update: September 3, 2018

Please note: Prices subject to change at any time. Please inquire for specific and binding price quotes for your particular project(s).

Now accepting custom orders for our September to January production run.

See our "Order" page for more information
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TT96 - A 15" F/4.5 with a Zambuto Optical Company Primary Mirror. Originally built for a customer in Massachusetts in May 2013.
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TT106 - A 22" F/3.3 with a Kennedy Optics Primary Mirror. Originally built for a customer in California in October 2013.
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    NOTE: Your Order Must be Placed with us by Friday, Sept. 7    

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Custom Telescope Manufacturing
Teeter's Telescopes, LLC., was formed in 2002, and is the banner under which we have custom-built over 200 Dobsonian Telescopes. These have ranged from 8" F/6 to 24" F/3.5 and nearly every aperture and focal length combination between. We're not your typical telescope manufacturer - we are a custom shop, building custom telescopes to your specifications.
Telescope Repairs & Restorations
We offer upgrade, repair and restoration services on most other commercially available telescopes, as well as home-built instruments. This includes major component repair/upgrade, collimation, refinishing (wood, powder coating), mirror recoating, etc. See our "Services" page for additional details.